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United Township High School Class of 1983 Annex

Homecoming Royalty

Reunion Polls Vote Today
Lannoo's Skyline Scans of 1980/81/82
Yahoo Groups Page UTHS 1983
Panther's 83 Blog
Senior Pictures
Homecoming Royalty
Photo's of North Campus
Demolition of North Campus
Soule Bowl Facts & Photo's
Mr. Dyer's Opus
Classmates Who Have Passed
George O Barr class picture 1971/72
Captain Ernie's Showboat
Maid Rite Recipes
Mr Quick Restaurant Silvis Il.
The Game Room
Remembering 1983
East Moline Weather


Homecoming King and Queen
Vance Behrens & Chris Mohr


Homecoming Royalty
From left to right
Donna Waeyaert, Brain Deporter, Linda Bradley, Peter Sproul, Suzy  Ebalo, Jeff Louck, Candace Hewitt, Scott Schneider, Lajohnna Shivers, Tony Wilson, Claire Hernandez, Scott Fisher, Lynn Thomson, Mike Stang, Crystal Cuerington, Mike Butcher, Princess LaRenda Campbell, and Prince Robbie Carr.

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